Tips for Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

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The garage door is one of the moving parts of your home and requires seasonal maintenance for optimal convenience and functionality. Homeowners sometimes neglect garage door maintenance, and the repairs costs may be high in the future. Some routine maintenance practices are possible without experts, like oiling the visible moving parts. Complex maintenance on garage door requires professionals like Husky Garage Door that offer excellent professional services on the same day. The garage door maintenance tips below bring the best of the door functionality.

Lubricate moving parts

The noise you get from the door is a result of not greasing the moving parts. Rollers and other moving parts are lubricated to avoid stress on the door opener. We advise spraying stuck hinges with a penetrable solution, like WD 40, wipe and apply grease. Lubricate the overhead hinges and apply white lithium grease on the opener’s chain. Never lubricate the belt drive opener.

Checks rollers and tracks for damage and debris

Regularly check the tracks on either side of the door to be clean and free of debris and dust. Accumulation of debris obstructs wheel movement. Check for rust and use a step ladder to see all parts of the track and roller. Check for verticality of the roller track with a plumb line. Replace rollers within 5 – 7 years. Inspect twice or thrice annually to replace cracked, chipped, and worn rollers.

Remove the rollers by detaching from the brackets that hold them to the door, and never remove the bottom roller bracket because it connects to the lift cables and is under tension. For extreme roller and track cases, call professionals like us who either repair or replace them to ensure your door functions as required.

Watch and listen to the door open and close

Your door should not jerk when opening and closing and quiet when moving up and down. Check springs, pulleys, and cables on both sides for symmetry, and any deviation requires specialized garage door maintenance.

Tighten hardware

The frequent movement of your door weakens and loosens the door and track hardware because of motion and vibration. Occasionally assess the brackets holding door tracks to the wall and ceiling and fasteners holding to the frame. Tighten up any loose parts with a socket wrench.

Check pulleys and cables

Pulleys and cables attach the door to the bottom roller brackets and connect to springs that lift it up and down. You may use extension springs or torsion springs for the lift. We advise homeowners not to touch the cables and pulleys because the high tension parts are dangerous, and therefore any sign of wear and tear should be handled by experts.

Test the door balance

An improperly balanced door exerts pressure on the functioning of the garage door opener and reduces the lifespan. Check that the door balances by its springs and lifts with less force. Pull the release handle on the automatic opener and manually lift the door halfway open to test the balance. A balanced door remains in place without your input, and an improper one tilts on one side to show the springs worn out. Call professionals to repair or replace the springs.

Replace or repair weather-stripping

Rubber weather-stripping at the door bottom and sides keep out dust, cold, dirt, and water. Periodically check to see it is in good shape, condition and reattach any loose spots or replace the entire strip if wholly damaged.

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