Things To Do And Best Places To Go in Summerlin

Fun Things To Do In Summerlin

Summerlin is a community in Las Vegas, Nevada that has been designed with the needs of the future in mind. It offers residents plenty of space to enjoy themselves and maintain their hobbies. What sets this area apart from other communities is its natural beauty and focus on sustainability. Summerlin is a hidden treasure in the Las Vegas Valley that offers more than just upscale homes and casinos. You can go on nature hikes, enjoy museum exhibits or have an amazing meal at one of Summerlin restaurants! We will explore how Summerlin provides a fresh perspective on living for those who want an active lifestyle. 

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area​

Get your mind off the city lights and into nature! Whether you’re looking for family fun or just some time alone, exploring Red Rock Canyon is the ticket. This Nevada treasure attracts not only residents but also tourists; photographers; hikers/adventurers who come here because it has something different than anywhere else in their home state (or country). Not wild about being “one” with nature? Drive around on one of many scenic roads while enjoying air conditioned comfort – there are pick-up spots along every trailhead! But if adventure biking sounds good to share — bring bike AND enjoy hiking trails too!.

Play Golf Courses with the Angel Park Golf Club​

If you’re looking for a challenge, then Angel Park Golf Club is the best golf course in Summerlin. Whether your experience ranges from beginner to pro at the highest skill level this layout will bring out all of your skills and abilities on 36 holes or 12 hole courses that are widely known across other cities & countries! You can play these greens open 6am-6pm every other day with panoramic views as Las Vegas Valley comes alive before you through red rocks

Must Try Savory Food From Local Vintner Grill

One of the best places to eat  is at the Local Vintner Grill. With a variety of food, from flatbreads and salads for those who want something healthier to juicy steaks from their favorite chef’s menu there’s always something new coming out! If it’s elegance you crave or sophistication with your drink selection that gets this place going at night then look no further – because we’ve got all three right here in one convenient location: inside or outside seating available as well as late hours. 

Credit: Vintner Grill

Enjoy a Luxurious Stay at Suncoast Hotel and Casino

Make your way to the most relaxing, luxurious hotel on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Suncoast Hotel and Casino is a great place to relax, kick back, or enjoy all the amenities of an off-strip Strip casino without any of that hectic atmosphere. You can pick up your club card at Suncoast then spend some time playing slots or tables before catching their newest movie theater feature film! Summerlin combines sophistication with just enough magic from Sun City.

Go Shopping at the Tivoli Village

Designed to look like a quaint European village, Tivoli is the perfect place for shoppers of all ages. Tivoli is an outdoor village-like shopping center in the middle of summer. The cobblestone streets and grand architecture make it feel like you’ve traveled back in time, when life was simpler yet more vibrant than today’s busy lifestyle could ever provide for locals or tourists alike. Tivolis’ offering includes everything from brand name stores with delightfully unique items to monthly events such as live music performances by talented artists that will sure take your mind off all those worries.

Get Amazed from Famous Historical Landmarks

The Donald W. Reynolds Cultural Center is a great place to go for live performances of various arts and disciplines. Nevada Ballet Theatre may be the most famous company here, but they’re not alone! The Summerlin Library also houses an active performing arts program with classes held at both locations throughout the year as well musical concerts under stars by some very talented musicians from around our community. Do not miss the Warsaw Ghetto Remembrance Garden at Temple Beth Sholom. It is a must see for anyone interested in learning more about the history of this sad time period. The site features large stones that once paved Poland’s streets, as well as items collected by Polish citizens during their own personal research into what happened here between 1939 and 1945 – some on display alongside original documentation from these digs. 

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