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6 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Maintaining a garage door opener lifespan is key when owning a home that includes a garage. One thing that homeowners look for when purchasing homes are the garages and the way they function. No one wants a garage door that has to be opened by hand nowadays due to the luxury treatment of how technology has changed the world. So by understanding all the facts that Husky Garage Door Repair has to offer on how your garage door functions and when it is time to upgrade can really do a person wonders. Below are six reasons you may want to upgrade or switch garage door openers indefinitely.

1. Automatic Reversal
Ensuring your garage door opener has the Automatic Reversal feature is helpful when it comes to coming and going. This feature utilizes two sensors that are six inches above the ground level on each side of the door. The sensors pick up when objects pass by the light beam while the door is in the processing of closing and prevents the actual garage door from closing by reversing the action. This is a safety feature that has been required for many garage openers since 1993.

2. Quieter Operation
The newer models of garage door openers have changed over the years to full mechanics and are not so quiet due to the machinery being used so often. A great ideal for a garage door replacement could be replacing your garage door opener with a belt drive in order to showcase an amazingly quieter garage door.

3. Better Security
Advancing the techniques of a garage opener are constantly being thought of and put in use. Another garage door replacement could be the rolling code feature. The rolling code feature allows for the code to change within the unit each time it is used to prevent thievery.

4. Keypad Entry
In hopes that a garage door is a good security for your belongings, many garages have offered a keypad entry that adds even more security. Adding this garage door replacement to your garage means no keys are required. Minimizing any break-in due to having a lock and key.

5. Battery Backup
A garage door opener lifespan can be hard to determine due to so many factors included in the matter. Factors of the matter being how much electricity is being used, when the garage door was installed and the upkeep of the unit. Installing a battery backup can help aide when one goes out in order to save you some time when replacing the old.

6. Wireless Features
The garage door opener lifespan can also be extended by switching the mechanisms to a wireless feature altogether. The newest generation of garage door openers are ones that offer a wifi and cellphone connectivity that allows the process of opening and closing to be done from your hand.

Now that you have an insight into the benefits of having a new garage door opener you must be wondering where you can find a reliable garage door installer to secure your garage. Husky Garage Door Repair is a top provider of garage door repair in Las Vegas. Our team of techs at Husky Garage Door Repair has proven experience when it comes to garage door installation services.

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