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Our team of skilled technicians at Husky Garage Door Repair is happy to service all types of commercial garage doors, no matter the size. If you need a commercial garage door or garage door opener repair in Las Vegas, we’re happy to take on the job. Contact us today, and let us know what the problem is. We’ll send out one of our professional garage door techs to pinpoint and solve the issue promptly.

Your commercial garage door is probably the most distinctive point of access for your business. Having any issue or malfunction can pose an extreme security risk on top of interrupting your business operations. This is especially true if the door is stuck in an open position and you’re unable to close it.

In a situation such as this, it’s crucial to call a qualified repair professional as soon as possible to get your door back in working order. Husky Garage Door Repair can have you back up and running in no time. We offer same-day service and can get there fast in an emergency. We understand how serious commercial garage door problems can be.

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What Makes a Commercial Garage Door Different from a Residential Door?

Fundamentally, commercial doors and residential doors operate using the same logic and mechanical system. The primary difference is their size. Commercial doors are usually built to account for bigger, taller vehicles such as transport trucks. All in all, the durability and quality of the doors are more or less comparable, although some door design options are only available for commercial doors as per federal law.

Another significant difference between these doors lies in the materials used in their construction. While residential doors are made of various materials ranging from wood, fiberglass, and composites, commercial doors tend only constructed with steel and aluminum. If you’re planning to try and have a commercial door installed in your home because you want a door with added durability, be aware that your homeowner’s association may not permit certain technical specifications and design details.

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All things considered, a commercial garage door is best when used for strictly commercial purposes. Trying to install one for a private residence can come with a lot of complications if the home wasn’t built with the intention to have a commercial-grade door. There are plenty of high-quality, durable residential doors available, and using a commercial door for your private residence isn’t really worth the extra hassle.

Regardless of what kind of door you have, always have installations and repairs taken care of by a professional technician who can work per industry safety standards. Our team can handle both residential and commercial door installation. We offer fast, affordable services with quality results.

Common Commercial Garage Door Repairs and Services

Commercial garage door repairs are similar in nature to those of residential doors, but commercial doors are much bigger and require a bit more experience. Since commercial doors are bulkier, they pose an even greater safety risk to users if they aren’t operating correctly. As such, it’s essential that you call in the help of a professional to make sure that your commercial garage door is expertly repaired.

As with our residential door repair services, we offer repairs for all types of commercial garage door hardware, including cable, spring, roller, and track repair. If you’re searching for a skilled technician for a commercial garage door opener repair in Las Vegas or the surrounding area, we can help on that front as well. No matter what kind of commercial garage door you have, or what type of problem you’re having with it, our team at Husky Garage Door Repair is ready to take on any task.

Can I Fix a Commercial Garage Door on My Own?

Commercial garage doors weigh even more than residential doors, and that means the safety risk that comes with doing your own repair also rises. Not only are commercial doors much larger, but they also tend to be made with heavier materials. We already advise against fixing a residential door on your own, so that warning doubles for anyone who considers setting a commercial garage door without proper experience.

Rather than trying to repair it yourself, we recommend always calling in a professional for any type of garage door opener repair in Las Vegas. Even if a fix seems simple or minor, these machines can be deceptively complicated. The smallest parts have to work together just right for the heavy door to safely and steadily lift and close. Don’t do it yourself—call Husky Garage Door Repair.

Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair in Las Vegas Near You

Our team of expert garage door techs has experience with all kinds of repairs with all types of doors. Whether you need help with commercial door installation or a garage door opener repair in Las Vegas, we’ve got you—or more accurately your garage— covered. If your commercial door has a broken spring, faulty remote, malfunctioning sensors, or it just won’t work, and you don’t know why, our team has the experience and the expertise to fix it. There’s a reason we rank among the top garage door repair services in Nevada. 

Get in touch with our office today, and we’ll dispatch somebody out as soon as possible to do an inspection and give a service estimate for your garage door.