Best Things To Do in Summerlin, Las Vegas

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Summerlin Nevada makes up for one of the best places to spend your leisure time this year. It’s a place with many unique destinations to visit and things to do. Fortunately, this guide will identify a few excellent suggestions to get you started:

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History of Summerlin, NV

This place dates back to 1952 when Howard Hughes purchased a piece of land in southern Nevada. He bought the land for business purposes but eventually decided against changing the original location of his company. The land remained open for the oncoming years, up until Howard died in 1952.

The Summa Corporation took over the land and started developing the land into a residential area. The plan involved a unique approach to ensure it would be unique from other similar areas in NV. It was the official start of the Summerlin Nevada company, which was the name of Howard’s grandmother. The residential planning and development in Summerlin Las Vegas increased significantly after its inception.

These included development in academic facilities, environmental initiatives, and residential resources. The space the land occupies is an over 20,000-acre facility that sits in the foothills of West Las Vegas.

Best Restaurants in Summerlin, Las Vegas

Here are some excellent Summerlin NV restaurants to consider:

Vintner Grill

The Vinter Grill is one of the best restaurants in Summerlin NV It offers a diverse array of menu items made by highly experienced professional chefs. The typical delicacies at the grill include American and Mediterranean meals.

As one of the best restaurants in Summerlin, the Vintner grill has a unique and elegant aesthetic design. It also has a unique bar and lounging area, where you can relax after enjoying your meals.

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Flemings Prime Stakehouse

Flemings’ Steakhouse is also an excellent option for when you want to enjoy some of the best meats in Summerlin Nevada. A Summerlin NV eatery also boasts a fully furnished wine bar, where you can enjoy special occasions such as birthdays or host business meetings.

The Wine Bar also offers full retail services, where clients can purchase beverages at discount fees. You won’t find a wine bar in most restaurants in the area, so this Steakhouse is unique. Fleming’s Steakhouse in Summerlin NV, also provides delivery services for meals.

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Best Hotels in Summerlin, Las Vegas

Here is a definitive list of some of the best hotels in Summerlin NV:

Suncoast Hotel and Casino

If you recently visited Las Vegas, the Suncoast Hotel and Casino should be your ideal destination. The restaurant has a family-friendly environment and various other extra-curricular amenities. You will never miss it on any comprehensive list of Summerlin hotels. It sits close to the Peccole Ranch, which is famous in Las Vegas as a tourist destination.

As one of the best hotels in Summerlin Las Vegas, NV, Suncoast Hotel has fully furnished rooms. These include air conditioning, free internet, and entertainment sets. Suncoast Hotel and Casino also has a 24-hour reception service and one of the largest swimming pools in Summerlin NV. The parking is also free, as an incentive.

Suncoast Hotel and Casino
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JW Marriot Last Vegas Resort and Spa

The JW Marriot Las Vegas resort has a low-key and elegant design that sets a new standard in the luxury restaurant industry. Many people in Summerlin Nevada, flock to the hotel during the holidays. The Summerlin NV restaurant sits half an hour from the Las Vegas strip and has an expansive lush landscape area.

With over ten restaurants, JW Marriot guarantees access to considerable diversity of eateries and health meal services. You can also spend your quality leisure time at the cascading waterfalls, or the Rampart Casino, which attracts people from all over the world to Summerlin Nevada.

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Expect 5-star service and quality from any of these best hotels in Summerlin, Las Vegas​.

Best Things To Do in Summerlin, Las Vegas

If you are looking for things to do in Summerlin NV, consider the following suggestions:

Things To See and Do

Summerlin Nevada is a fully developed neighborhood that includes various unique resources. These include outdoor recreation and several natural parks. You head on over to the several golf courses in Summerlin NV, but some are private.

A good place to spend some time in nature would be Angel Park. Or, you can head on over Red Rock Canyon, where you can participate in various outdoor activities.

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Places to Shop

You probably want some things to take back home with you after your trip to Summerlin Las Vegas. It’s home to various shopping locations. Some popular shopping destinations in Summerlin Nevada, include BluNoir and Pandora Jewelry.

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