Best Restaurants in Fullerton, California

Fullerton CA boasts a plethora of restaurants, all vying for your attention and cash. But many of these restaurants are simply an imitation of something better. And if you’re trying to avoid the same old places, then congratulations! You just won the Fullerton lottery!

In this post, we’ll show you some hidden gems that have been around for years that you may not have known about just yet – from family-owned joints that have been passed down through generations to those rare few establishments which only exist here in town.

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1. Roman Cucina

In our second installment of our favorite Fullerton restaurant, we’ve chosen another family-owned Italian restaurant. This one, as the name suggests, is a casual dining spot that offers a variety of authentic dishes from their hometown. In fact, the owner actually grew up in the same restaurant his whole life! These are some great places you can visit when you want to get away from the big chains.

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2. Pour Company

As a bar with a little bit of restaurant, Pour Company has been around for a long time. And just by looking at this place, you’ll recognize it as one of those old joints that might have been around for decades. But it’s the kind of place you’d go to when you don’t want to go out but still want to enjoy a meal. This is another great place for catered events and corporate meetings.

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3. Pickled Monk

You’d be hard-pressed to find a restaurant that’s as hipster as Pickled Monk. That’s because you’ll find yourself dining next to those who put their post-modern sensibilities into everything they do and think. While this place is a bar and restaurant combo, it even has a patio for those times when you want to kick back and enjoy some drinks and smoked wings.

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4. The Cellar Restaurant

Cellar is a cozy restaurant that’s been around for a long time, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s been in Fullerton ever since the 70s and has been around since, though the ownership has changed hands a few times. In fact, it’s so historical that they even have their official plaques from the Cal state Fullerton Chamber of Commerce in their entryway!

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5. The Blind Rabbit

The Blind Rabbit is a bit of an odd place to have a restaurant. In fact, they do most of their business from catering. But you can still see most of the plates being served from here. They’re known for their grilled chicken, but they’re also known for having a rooftop with a great view of downtown Fullerton and South Orange County.

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6. Tempo Urban Kitchen

Tempo Urban Kitchen is one of those restaurants that you can go to when you’re in the mood for something different. It’s casual enough to sit down for lunch, but it’s also fun enough to make friends over drinks or dinner. Or, if it’s business or catering related, they do catering for companies like Lockheed Martin and Xerox.

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7. Mr Fries Man

While this place doesn’t have any seating, Mr. Fries Man offers some great food if you’re in the mood for french fries with a side of chicken wings. It’s literally just a mobile food vendor that you can find at various events in Fullerton or in Anaheim. It’s vegetarian friendly, but it’s also great when you’re in the mood for something savory and salty.

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Fullerton, California is a city in Orange County, CA located between downtown Los Angeles and Anaheim. Conveniently close to so many job centers around Southern California but with the feel of small-town America. Whether you’re looking for a great place to get some catered food, take someone out for drinks or food, or grab something to go on the go, Fullerton has everything you need.

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